Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Dari Good ke Sound Governance: Pendorong Inovasi Administrasi Publik

Oleh: M.R. Khairul Muluk

The concept of good governance appeared to negate the traditional forms of government. There are two style of governance: market and participatory governance. This concept has involved government, civil society, and private sector with some ideal principles such as accountability, transparency, participation, and decentralization. Sound governance is used to solve the deficiency of good governance. As a new concept, sound governance transcends all other concept of governance and encourages new dimension: globalization, local values, and innovation in policy and administration. Innovation is central point for sound governance.

Keyword: sound governance, globalization, local value, innovation.

Tulisan ini disajikan dalam bentuk buku melalui Konferensi Administrasi Negara ke 2 di Universitas Airlangga Surabaya.
ISBN: 978-979-756-668-5 Edisi Pertama Halaman: 41, Juni 2010.
Penerbit: Graha Ilmu Yogyakarta.

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